Bloodshed Fest 2016

vr 14-okt-2016
vr 14-okt-2016

Bloodshed Fest 2016

w/ Atari Teenage Riot + Siege + Weekend Nachos + Bong Ra + Victims and more

vr 14-okt-2016

Stroming Dynamo Heavy
Locatie (intern) Dynamo


Time has come to announce a new batch of names for Bloodshed Fest 2016! We are insanely delighted to announce one of the most unique headliners Bloodshed Fest has ever had! None other than the masters of digital punk hardcore from Berlin, ATARI TEENAGE RIOT are confirmed for the headlining slot at our festival! We expect nothing but utter mayhem when they hit the stage Saturday night! And with this unusual booking, we have also confirmed the mighty Bong-Ra to perform right after ATR at Dynamo for all you satanic speedfreaks out there! Of course we did not forget about our visitors that love the grind, hardcore, power violence, punk, sludge, etc, so here is the list of new announcements in total:

FRIDAY 14/10/16 LINE UP:

Siege, Weekend Nachos, Fistula, Triac, Grime, Backslider, Soulgrip, Prisoner 639, Chiens, Homewrecker, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Criminal Mind, Throw Me in the Crater, Link, SATURDAY

15/10/16 LINE UP:

Bong Ra, Atari Teenage Riot, Victims, Trap Them, Malignant Tumour, Okkultokrati, Venom Prison, Kommando, Phantom/Corporation, Joe Buck Yourself, Boycot, Mindflair, Dirty Protest, Bitterness Exhumed, Wojczech, Headcleaner, Meresvin, Captain Caveman, Eastwood

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