bloodshedfest the official afterbleeder: sinister

zo 16-sep-2018
zo 16-sep-2018

bloodshedfest the official afterbleeder: sinister

oa Deathtopia + Disuse

The official 4th day of Bloodshed Fest, for those who can’t get enough! 

zo 16-sep-2018

Stroming Dynamo
Locatie (intern) Dynamo
Doors15:00 Show15:00

The official 4th day of Bloodshed Fest, for those who can’t get enough! By now your brains have turned to soup and your innards have rotten away, so what better way to bring yourself back to life with some more fucking metal and grind! Hence this special day we have lovingly dubbed The Afterbleeder!!! We’ll have 3 more bands on the bill and maybe a little surprise here or there, still working on some details. Coolest is that it will take place at the basement of our former Bloodshed Fest home of Dynamo, everyone’s favourite stage for an intense grindcore show! First confirmed band is:


sinister (NL)

Welcome back to Dynamo, Sinister ,,, that is way too long ago! The band that started in 1989 and quickly toured with bands like Succocation, Cannibal Corpse and Deicide. The band survived NuMetal and the entire alternative wave in the 90’s, and remained faithful to the original Death Metal sound. Fast forward to 2018, the band released an EP together with Profanity, and next year a new album is on the agenda. With shows on NDF, In Flammen, Maryland Deathfest and 7000tons, Metal Days, Obscene Extreme and a tour through South America with Pestilence, it was time for the men to do a Dynamo show again! Hereby! HAIL THE BEAST !!!


disuse (NL)

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