BPM x Second Room

za 04-feb-2023
za 04-feb-2023

BPM x Second Room

[hard techno | schranz]

w/ Waldhaus | Minupren | Joe Sane | Jønas | Kenneth Herder | Minus 25

za 04-feb-2023

Stroming Haven
Locatie (intern) Haven
Doors22:00 Show22:00 Curfew04:00


🔷 Massive rave incoming 🔷

On the 4th of February 2023 we’re gonna bring back that old school schranz and hard techno sound.
The Second Room and BPM Productionscombine their forces to bring a rave to Eindhoven. No concessions, pure demolition! @ Haven Eindhoven.

We welcome you to the Second Room. Where all threats come together.

Tickets are now available! 👇

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