clairvoyance future beats workshop

za 02-jun-2018
za 02-jun-2018

clairvoyance future beats workshop


za 02-jun-2018

Stroming Dynamo
Locatie (intern) Mainstage


Come through for an exciting journey where the night is about letting go and exploring the unknown. These extraordinary selections in music will be selected by Lucas Benjamin and Legove. During this session with battles it’s about self-discovery and growth in an adventure through profound sounds in the range of Jazz, Funk, Breaks, IDM, Electronica, Orchestral with a futuristic twist.


Sweet (Bad Trip)
Kido (EXG)
Shailesh (IRC)

DJ’s: Lucas Benjamin + Legove

Live Performance by JARLENTJI

Battle format:
2 vs 2 Break €400
1 vs 1 All style €150
Cypher Award €50

Doors open: 16:00

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