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za 27-okt-2018
za 27-okt-2018

ddw music

Caro & Sofie Winterson

For the first time, DDW MUSIC will also visit the Basement of Dynamo. This event is part of DDW Music Festival: a multi-venue music festival during Dutch Design Week that includes performances by 70 emerging acts over 11 exciting venues throughout Eindhoven.

za 27-okt-2018

Stroming Dynamo Heavy
Locatie (intern) Dynamo

For more info & tickets: www.ddw.nl/music



Ever heard of Alt-J? That band your hip friends are always arguing over who knew them first. Well Caro sounds like a new version of Alt-J. So now you can say that you saw Caro before they did. And you can consider yourself the coolest cat in town.

sofie winterson

The singer-songwriter Sofie Winterson’s real name is actually Sofie van Dijck. The Van Dijck family is very well presented in the Dutch music scene. Her younger sister is also in our line-up as the singer-guitarist in psychedelic blues band MY BABY. Sofie likes to keep it more intimate. She plays songs that can move you and your hips very, very slightly.

Losse kaartjes zijn €10,- en ALLEEN aan de deur te koop zijn. Willen je zeker zijn dat je naar binnen kunt, ben dan zeer op tijd aanwezig. First come, first serve-beleid wordt gehanteerd.
Voor meer informatie over Dutch Design Week, het muziekprogramma en tickets surf je naar www.ddw.nl/music

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