Dubhoven Meets Social Roots Ladder System

za 09-dec-2023
za 09-dec-2023

Dubhoven Meets Social Roots Ladder System

[reggae & dub]

za 09-dec-2023

Stroming Haven
Locatie (intern) Haven


Another Session in the Bassment.

Full Stack = Full Power!  One A Way Vibrations!

Dust off your Dancing shoes for this one!

Social Roots Ladder Soundsystem

Since the 90’s Peter Peters is spreading ‘the Message’ and proclaiming it to the People. Social Roots Ladder focuses on Reggae-, Roots-, Culture- and Dub-music. Since 2021  Social Roots Ladder has it’s own soundsystem again. Playing events and festivals to spread the message far and wide!

Ὠ Let The Message Play Ὠ

Saturday 9 December 2023

Sounds From 22u – Till 04u

HAVEN Eindhoven

Support: 10,- (PIN ONLY @ DOOR)


Let The Message Play

Artwork: LeauIrie

Hope to see you all there!


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