Home Grown Sessions #3

di 07-nov-2023
di 07-nov-2023

Home Grown Sessions #3

w/ Humanrap + Djannie + Chillingz + Frankavelli + Jayrk + Jer Colar + Snellemotion

We are growing talent and that’s YOU!!

di 07-nov-2023

Stroming Ulab
Locatie (intern) Basement
Doors20:00 Show20:30 Curfew23:00


You want to improve your performance skills and get that stage time in but where does that happen? There seems to be a large gap between being a beginner performer and the point of becoming a paid artist. Do you disappear into that black hole or do you register to perform at Home Grown Sessions?

We are growing talent and that’s YOU!!

Host: Hooge (Waalre)
DJ: Sanip (Tilburg)

Humanrap (Eindhoven)
Djannie (Nijmegen)
Chillingz (Breda)
Frankavelli (Eindhoven)
Jayrk (Eindhoven)
Jer Colar (Eindhoven)
Snellemotion (Eindhoven)

We offer a vibin’ podium in a small room with professional sound and lighting equipment. We want to help you increase your visibility and name recognition. Entrance to the monthly event is free.

We are growing talent and that’s YOU!!
Contact for further info: info@downtownpromotions.com

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