vr 24-jan-2020
vr 24-jan-2020


w/ Wrong Assessment + Chandima B2B Basterdt + O2V3LKLNKN

We love to start the new year with a bang!

vr 24-jan-2020

Stroming Haven
Locatie (intern) Haven


This musical journey is brought to you by:

Wrong Assessment (Pole GroupMord Records, Clergy)
Chandima b2b Basterdt (Pro Techno, Radio UMX)
O2V3LKLNKN (Keldernacht, Cmplxity 0000)

Visuals by: One Man Kollektiv

Limited (100) pre sale tickets: € 7,50 ex. servicecosts
Doors: € 10,-

Coming from Milan in bella Italia is Wrong Assessment. He studied to be a therapist but this remarkable artist has other traits and skills to perform a different kind of therapy, through music. His style is versatile but mainly dark, banging and trippy cuts, cuts that gained a place within several known imprints including his own AWRYPlanet RhythmPole GroupMord Records and many others. He comes from great influences, his mentor was the legend and late Max_M with who he had a project named Overall Severity. Our guest has a great repertoire and we are honored to have him deliver his musical experience in our humble basement.

Local heroes Chandima and Basterdt go way back, they started playing together 10 years ago, together they became an iconic duo.
These two gentlemen played at several editions of the Pro Techno parties and FYWFE. Five years ago they were invited to host a show at Radio UMX, it became the first of many as it is on till today. As for what they deliver… we will let their music expression do the talking.

For this night we have our resident O2V3LKLNKN providing us with his musical blends.

Keldernacht is an inclusive party. We do NOT tolerate any form of harassment, violence, racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia. We kindly ask you to help create a respectful and safe atmosphere. If you ever feel unsafe during our events, please do not hesitate to talk to our staff!

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