motion lab #3

vr 20-apr-2018
vr 20-apr-2018

motion lab #3

Maandelijkse workshop

vr 20-apr-2018

Stroming Dynamo
Locatie (intern) Dynamo


For those who missed the first two editions, i invite you to join to our last session. Here is more info about What Is Motion Lab:

Monthly workshop series, curated by Alesya, for House dancers and beyond who want to develop their improvisation skills, techniques, creativity, aesthetic and body awareness.
Main FOCUS: overall personal development as a dancer and movement artist, improving knowledges about motion, music and art.

“I will be sharing every MOTION LAB session with people whose knowledges I consider very important for developing your understanding of dance and art. We have SNOW, MAMI and KSENIA, worldwide women representing their style gracefully, who never stop to discover, grow and inspire. We are going to dig deeper into “dancology” together every session, opening new channels and sources to be inspired.”

#3 April 20
Alesya meets Ksenia Parkhatskaya (Russia, Spain)
subject: jazz as an inspiration, footwork, musicality, history
19-22 – class
22-23 – lecture «History of Jazz dance»

One LAB – 15 euros (pre sale) / 25 euros (door sale)

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