No Turning Back + Lifeless + Look My Way

za 11-mrt-2017
za 11-mrt-2017

No Turning Back + Lifeless + Look My Way

This Is History + Fatal Distraction + Running Out + I Am Legion + Dawn Of Mankind + Make Em Drop + Immobilize Diner/change over

za 11-mrt-2017

Stroming Dynamo Heavy
Locatie (intern) Dynamo
Doors12:30 Show13:10 Curfew23:00


13:10-13:30 This Is History
13:45-14:15 Fatal Distraction
14:30-15:00 Running Out
15:15-15:45 I Am Legion
16:00-16:30 Dawn Of Mankind
16:45-17:15 Make Em Drop
17:30-18:00 Immobilize Diner/change over
19:20-19:50 Look My Way
20:10-20:40 LifeLess
21:00-22:00 No Turning Back

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