popping with pop’n’tod

do 07-jun-2018
do 07-jun-2018

popping with pop’n’tod


do 07-jun-2018

Stroming Ulab
Locatie (intern) Dynamo
Doors19:00 Show20:00


Date: June 7th
Doors Open: 19.30
Time: 20.00-21.00
Ticket Online: € 18
Ticket At The Door: € 20


Todd “PopNTod” Breithaupt, a member of the legendary Soulbotics Krew, has been regarded as one of Southern California’s innovators in the dance form, popping, specializing in the sub-styles such as waving, robot, and animation. It was through spending innumerable hours street performing on Hollywood Blvd., subways under New York City, or in Portland, Oregon, that PopNTod was able to develop a mastery with the robotic styles and attain “incredible upper body isolation” as So You Think You Can Dance judge, Mary Murphy, once described. He has appeared in a number of commercials and other media including Chris Brown’s music video, “I Can Transform Ya”, which he also co-choreographed. Todd has also performed for Carnival Cruise Lines, claimed victor to numerous dance competitions across the continent, & shared the stage with E-40, Ludacris, Common, etc, to name a few of his accolades. He has served as a resident dancer with Team iLuminate (3rd place finalists in America’s Got Talent season 6) throughout the world in the technological dance and light fused off-Broadway success, Artist of Light. Todd currently resides in New York City.

Workshop Content:

Pop’N’Tod has created a hitting style that places much importance with the core muscles as opposed to extremities and he will explain that in this workshop.
These hitting techniques he also uses in his animation along with some other tricks he got up his sleeve which he will be excited to share!
And to finish the class, he has noticed a certain relationship not just with the wave itself, but in how you can have your feet and other body parts move in a complementary way with the wave simultaneously.

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