Queerhoven presents: Dynamo pride

za 24-jun-2023
za 24-jun-2023

Queerhoven presents: Dynamo pride

 We are excited to share the program for Dynamo Pride on June 24th!

za 24-jun-2023

Stroming Queer
Locatie (intern) Dynamo


Join us at Dynamo Eindhoven to celebrate diversity, acceptance, and love in the queer community! Here are some of the amazing activities you can expect:

  • A tie-dye workshop by Queer Art Club
  • Hang out at the Queerhoven Clubhouse, or play D&D and board games at Queers & Dragons
  • Experiment with and transform your style, gender and self-expression at Subculture Store
  • Take a break from all the excitement in the Quiet Room
  • An incredible queer art market featuring local artists and vendors
  • And much more!


  • Caught in Entropy: a five piece metalcore band from Eindhoven. Combining catchy melodies and heavy breakdowns, we mean to highlight mental health and celebrate individuality.
  • Luz Bravo: a soulful R&B singer whose powerful songs are full of self-love, diversity, and solidarity.
  • Annebel: this DJ merges of genres like techno, rave, bass, electro, UK funky, house and jungle, in mixes that build tension while remaining well-adjusted to their environments.
  • Nicci Nova: this act is music and poetry combined. Dutch songs that hover between pop and cabaret – intimate and vulnerable. 
  • Achetray: this sino diaspora kid with roots in Paris will be serving up an eclectic and juice Heavenly Hardcore infusion of d0nk, baile funk, hardcore, and gabber beats.
  • Legitasianboyfriend: warning – temperature gauge ovErHEATinG! Expect genre-bending-experimental-club-engine-revving-ass-shaking from this queer trans babe of the sino diaspora.


Our market features a diverse range of artists and vendors, showcasing everything from paintings and jewelry to handmade crafts and clothing.

Some of the talented artists who will be showcasing their work:

  • @eternal_appl3, @paint.pop, @rosannemartens, @basdebeer, @mloesnl, @mouzshanshai, @featheryone, @_orionids, @bellsbooksandwritings, @justusarttreasures, @paulineperrinstudio, @Robinfloatsaway, @queer.wear

Don’t miss your chance to support local queer artists and find some amazing new pieces for your collection! See you at Dynamo Pride 🎉🌈

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