RIOT: Hong Kong Edition

vr 06-mrt-2020
vr 06-mrt-2020

RIOT: Hong Kong Edition

w/ Madcore | Jengu | Hired | BVSSFVCE & Aspakt

A fresh Dubstep concept named RIOT.
RIOT is an organisation that wants to bring the whole spectrum of Dubstep to Eindhoven.

vr 06-mrt-2020

Stroming Dynamo Heavy
Locatie (intern) Haven


Get you’re gas masks and shields ready..
Prepare for a new Riot cause its gonna be mad disgusting!

Riot is much more than a party.
We are trying to connect with people from all over the world to let them experience freedom of expresion and music.
We as citizens of the Netherlands are very lucky with the political situation in our country, everything is quite calm here…

All throughout 2019 you could see country’s heating up, people losing patience and inevitably there where more protests then ever before.

Hong Kong was the biggest hub for riots and political unrest.
The people of Hong Kong are resisting against their government to prevent extradition of their country!

So this year we’re giving riot an eastern twist.
We’d love to honor the courage of people that dare to stand up against their government or higher autorithy.

Come and join the resistance now!

It’s gonna be a hell of a RIOT on the 6th of March in Dynamo, Eindhoven!

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